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Are You Treating Your Breasts Right?

Padded bras have been very popular with women.  This includes the different variations such as push up bras, demi, convertible bras, encapsulation sports bras etc.  Most women today own or wear them daily during their waking hour.  There are of course many reasons for their popularity.  Giving nice shape, support, hiding the extras from the public to name a few.  What most consumers are not aware is that bras with bra pads are not made to "breathe" nor allow air circulation to the breasts.  Breathable fabrics alone does not make padded bras or sports bras breathable.  In fact, traditional bra pads will collect moisture throughout the day.

We all know having fresh air is not only great for the skin, but important for general health.  This is one of the reason why almost any type of performance clothing markets breathability.  The same case applies to padded bras.  Imagine excessive sweat and mositure collected in your bra pads next to your breast skin throughout the day year in and year out.  Yuck!  Not a very sexy thought, and it obviously can’t be good for you over time.

It is important to shop for padded bras and sports bras that are made with perforated bra pads so that fresh air can get through the bra pads to the breast area.  So, make sure you ask your favorite store about breathable bra pads in your favorite piece of padded bras, push up bras, or sports bras next time you are out shopping.

Fun Sexy Zebra Bra

Valentine’s Day is near.  What better gift to your significant other than a kinky, sexy, intimate moment with a zebra bra!  Let your significant other wine and dine you and then surprise them with your fun and wild side.  This is a sure way to getting new sparks, reignite long burn love, etc.  What’s more is that the Breeze Comfort Zebra Bras is also practical!  It is designed to reduce the risk to breast diseases.

All Breeze Comfort bras are made with patented perforated bra pads.  The perforations allow fresh air through the bra cups to the breast area.  This increases air circulation to the breast area and it’s very important to general breast health.

Convertible Bra: Lingerie with Versatility

An important thing to have in your underwear drawers besides sexy panties and breathable bras is a convertible bra. Designed to provide support to the breasts when wearing various styles of tops, a convertible bra is a great option to wear as we mix and match the outer clothing.

What is convertible bra?

This is the type of brassiere that has removable straps with various detach points. With a convertible bra, you can wear the straps classic, halter, one strap, criss cross or racerback depending on your outer top. The idea of convertible bra is that you just need one bra to match different kinds of clothing you wear on top, instead of multiple bras of different strap styles.

If you think about it, convertible bra will also help you save money from collecting various bra styles, even with its normally higher price.

There are types of classic bras with removable straps that will go fine with any kinds of tops when the straps are removed, you may wonder. It is right. Strapless bra will do for racerback or halter styled shirts. But the question is whether it gives enough breast support to the wearer. For smaller breasted women, this may not be an issue. But women with C-cups or larger will find it hard to keep their breasts in place with strapless bra as they move. Therefore, the existence of underwire and bra straps – no matter how small their contribution is to breast support – is important. At least you won’t be feeling that your boobs are effortlessly bumping around when you walk.

With a convertible bra, this side of the problem is tackled as we still get to have the straps and we are also able to manage how the straps are going to be styled. If you are wearing a one-sleeved shirt, one strap style is best to use. You have criss cross styled top on the back? Then wear your convertible bra the same criss cross way that the top covers the underwear. How versatile is it?

Now, to get one good quality of convertible bra is a different matter. As always, pay attention to your right measurement. Ill-fitting bras will only cause pain in the future no matter what the style of the bra is. So always get it right. Measure your breasts again before purchasing in case the old measurement changes. As our body grows, our breasts grow with it too.

Secondly, check the material of the convertible bra you are checking out. Moisture-wicking fabric will help the bra absorb your sweat more. However, that material alone is often not enough, especially when you are an active woman that perspires a lot. In this case, choose a convertible bra that breathes. This kind of bra has padding with pores to facilitate better air circulation to the breast area. The perforations make it possible for sweat to easily get out and for air to easily get in. This way, the drying process will be much quicker and you will be left drier and more comfortable all day long.

Now you can wear your sexy top without worrying that your bra would be seen through. With our breathable convertible bra, there is more freedom in wearing different styles of outfits and at the same time having the same level of breast support.

Push-Up Bra as an Alternative of Breast Augmentation


Along with the sharp decrease of the breasts implant demands over the last couple of years, more women are looking to push-up bras to help them improve their look. Below are some reasons why.

Breast implants surgery had enjoyed its peak popularity period for quite a long while. It started since at least 1895 and gained well acceptance among especially small-breasted women in the world. Although carrying health risk, breast implants are indeed a quick shortcut to the busty look women are looking for. Who can blame them really? A better look gives them better self confidence.

However, since the financial crisis hit these last few years, fewer women opt to take the surgery to augment their breasts. The data collected by the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) shows that there were about 307,230 breast augmentation procedures performed in the United States in 2007. That was 12% lower than the year before. This fall of demands was believed to be the impact of the struggling economy due to the financial crisis.

Another cause of the decrease is because more women today are aware of the high risk of getting a breast implant. Common “local complications” that happen after the surgery include infection, chronic breast pain, breast or nipple numbness, breakage and leakage, etc. Studies show that about half of the first-time patients that undergo breast implant surgery have at least one of those local complications.

So alternatively women started to find comfort in wearing push-up bras as a cheaper substitute to breast implant surgeries. A good push-up bra may cost quite a fortune compared to the normal padded bra, but nothing compared to the price you pay for breast implants. Furthermore, it does not expose women to obvious high health risk like the implants. And when worn properly, push-up bra is a great and flexible breast augmentation product.

Common push-up bras have padding just above the underwire of the bra. These pads lift the breasts and push them together, creating more appealing and voluptuous cleavage. Push-up bras are best to wear at special occasions where women need to feel great about themselves. They are also great to wear when we are wearing a certain outfit that features a nice bust line.

Another advantage of push-up bra which is not shared with breast implants is that it forces the wearer to stand and walk with more straight back. Push-up bra literally joints the breasts and pushes them up together. This helps pull the back, creating a straight body posture.

One thing that becomes a challenge along the way is that push-up bras are not always necessarily comfortable to wear. Especially when you have to wear a push-up bra in a situation that makes you perspire a lot, it could be such an agonizing thing to have for women. Fortunately, recent innovation has found ventilated padding on padded bras, including push-up bras. This padding is designed to give more comfort to bra wearers as it promotes better air circulation with the existence of the perforations inside the padding. Thus it allows outside air to travel inside freely and dries sweat more quickly than the normal pads do.

With breathable push-up bras, women get more comfort and better look on their bust. No risky surgery is needed; yet a boost of self confidence is still obtained.

The Perfect Bra for Dancing

Dancing is one of the dynamic, heavy-perspiring activities that people like to do. It is a lot of fun and healthy at the same time since the body movements in dancing resemble those you do during proper exercise. For women, however, it is a little bit tricky in terms of the outfit and the undergarment to wear for a dance. This article thus discusses the perfect bra to dance.

Is there a perfect bra to dance?

The answer to that question is yes, there is. It depends on a few things like the outfit you wear on top of the bra and the type of dance you do. From there you can decide which bra is perfect to go with that dress to dance.

For a low neckline dress, you will need a demi sports bra. This type of bra keeps your bra hidden under the outer dress when you do certain aggressive dance moves. Its cut-away style allows you to reveal more cleavage and chest skin and it is perfect for dresses with low cut neck.

If you do belly dancing, the bra you are wearing is obviously one of the most important apparels. A push-up bra (there are some push-up sports bra out in the market now) with funky designs on the outside may be the right choice for this. It increases the sensuality of the dancer and gives the support needed.

And then there is aerobics, which technically isn’t a dance but adapts similar moves with it. Support is very important in aerobics since a lot of jumping is involved. To get the proper support, a sports bra is recommended.  Sports bras will reduce or eliminate harsh movements to the breasts during aerobics. It is generally accepted to just wear a sports bra without an additional outer piece during aerobics.

For other types of dancing like ballroom dancing, freestyle dancing, hip hop dancing or even break dancing, usually an outer layer is worn over the sports bra. So sports bras with plain design or solid color might be best.

An important feature that is so often taken for granted no matter which sports bra you choose is breathability. Dancing like any other sports will make you sweat much more than you usually do. It is essential to keep yourself as dry as possible not only for the aesthetics, but also for the overall heal of your skin as prolonged exposure to sweat has a tendency to cause acne and other skin conditions. Sports bras with moisture-wicking fabric alone can only do so much. Ventilated padding (or bra cups) along with moisture wicking and breathable fabric will provide the wearer with better wearing experience. The ventilated padding (bra cups with perforations throughout) will allow more air passage to the breast area while the moisture-wicking materials help the clothing dry faster.

In conclusion, whichever type of sports bra you choose for dancing, breathable and support should both be important criteria for consideration.

Bras: Must-Have Types in Your Wardrobe

Bras have evolved so much since they were first made in the 1920s. Back then their function was simply to support women’s breasts, but now it has expanded to give comfort to the wearers and to improve their look. The following suggests 6 bra types that every woman should have in their wardrobe.

Padded Bra

This type of bra has padding inside the cups. It is particularly useful for small-breasted women to look like their breasts have more volume. Some of these pads are built-in and some are removable. Most padded bras are designed to give a good support to the breasts, but they are not necessarily ideal to use in the condition when you sweat a lot. Luckily, there is a recent innovation that calls for bras that can make the skin breathe. These breathable bras – as they are commonly called – have perforations inside the padding that allow the bras to dry quickly. This consequently provides the wearer more comfort in addition to the support. That is why it is only wise to make sure that the padded bras you buy have this ventilated feature on the padding.

Push-Up Bra

Modern women need more function on bras than just support and comfort. Look is as important as these two to help boost their confidence. Therefore push-up bra comes second in the list of your must-have bras. The original idea of push-up bra is to give a lift on the breasts, especially of smaller size, and to bring them together in the middle so that they look more appealing and fuller. Many push-up bras contain padding. But what makes them different from the normal padded bras is that the padding is stuffed under the breasts towards the center so that the breasts are elevated and brought together.

Convertible Bra

This type of bra has different detachable straps that can be repositioned in accordance with the outer outfit. Whether you wear a backless dress or one with halter neck style, all you need to do is to choose the right straps to go with your outfit.

U-Plunge Bra

This bra has a shape of the letter U on the front part. For women who enjoy wearing plunging neckline, U-plunge bra is a perfect choice to wear. The shape helps create an illusion as if you are not wearing anything underneath the plunging outfit.

Adhesive Bra

Also functioning to hide the bra look underneath your open clothes, adhesive bra applies the method of stick and peel. It is strapless and band-less, making it perfect to wear under backless or open shoulder outfit. There are only two subtypes for this kind; i.e. disposable paper adhesive bra and silicone adhesive bra. The first one uses a strong adhesive and is only good for one-time use while the latter is reusable and washable.

Sports bra

Women, particularly the active ones, will need at least one sports bra in their wardrobe. When performing sports – either they are low impact or high impact – breasts are exposed to harsher directional movements. These movements could cause damage on the soft chest tissues and over time they will only encourage the breasts to sag. Sports bra provides more support for the breasts to stay in place and reduce or even eliminate bounces during motion. With such firm support, sports bra is also famous to wear for those who just had breast surgical operation.

There are still many other types of bra. But these six will be enough to cover all your need in breast support, comfort and style. Some of them may not give a maximum support or comfort due to its design and material, but they will definitely save you from embarrassment of a peeping bra and give you the look you want.

Lack of Comfort with Ill-Fitting Bras

Study shows that more than 80% of women have ill-fitting bra on them. This has caused many problems from back pain, restricted breathing to poor posture. Below are some indications if the bra you are wearing is of a wrong size and badly fit and how you should re-measure your bra size.

Very often women do not even realize that the bra they are wearing is not a good fit. So the first thing you should do is to see if you have the right bra size on. Check out the questions below to find it out. If the answers to these following questions are mostly yes, then you should be alarmed that all this time you may have been wearing the wrong bra size and that is why you keep getting that annoying backache.

Is the underband riding up?

If it slides about when you move, that may mean that the underband does not fit your body. To know this, get in front of the mirror and lift up your arms. Check if your bra is tight and firm enough against your body.

Do the shoulder straps keep digging in?

One wrong perception is that the shoulder straps are what support the breasts the most. In fact, it is the underband that is doing 80% of the work. The straps should contribute about 10-20% support of the whole bra design. So if your shoulder straps keep digging in, that is a sign that the underband is too loose and that you adjust the straps too much.

Is the back band overstretched?

It means the band is too small and it also means it is time to change your bra.

Before even trying on a new bra, you need to know your right size first. A help from a professional to measure you is an added value. But more or less this is how you should measure your bra.

The band size – also called the chest size – is the size measured from the area just under the breasts added by 3 to 5 inches. If you come up with an odd number, round it up to the next even number because most of the bra sizes are in even numbers. For example if the result of the measurement is 31”, then you add 5 inches to that and make it 36”.

The cup size is a little harder to measure. Have the measuring tape go on top of the fullest part of your breasts. Don’t flatten your boobs when you do this, or the final cup size will be smaller than it should be. Now the result of the cup measurement should be deducted with the band size. For example you get 40”, subtract it with the band size that you took note on before (40 – 36 = 4). The difference is what makes your cup size. Cross check it with the chart below.

Difference Negative Less than 1” 1” 2” 3” 4” 5” 6” 7”
Cup Size AAAA or AAA AA A B C D DD or E DDD or F DDDD or G

In the example above, we have 36 for the band size and the difference of 4 inches for the cup size. That means the good bra size is 36D.

What a woman must remember before purchasing any bra is that comfort should be the first priority. If the size is not right, it degrades the comfort. This also applies to the material of the bra (choose the one moisture-wicking material) and the breathability of the padding (choose perforated pads). Both elements will dry up your perspiration quickly so staying dry will only add to the comfort you get when wearing the bra.

Good luck finding the right bra for you.

The Do’s and Don’ts in Extending the Life of a Bra

Comfortable bras do not always stay comfortable without proper caring. Even though you have secured that cute-looking bra with perforated pads that keeps you dry and comfy all the time, it will not last like that forever if you don’t do it right. Below are some tips of the do’s and the don’ts in taking care of bras.

The Do’s

1. Do wash your bra after using it three times. More than that it will collect more moisture on the fabric and especially on the pads. This will not be easy to get rid of and it will definitely not be healthy and hygienic for your skin.

2. Use a mild detergent to wash your undergarments, including your bra. This will gently take care of the cleaning action of the bra.

3. Hand wash your bra. This way you make sure that there is no element of the bra that gets pulled off and causes premature bra snagging.

4. Put it inside the lingerie bag if you wash with a washing machine. This will prevent it from being tangled with the other clothes.

5. Use cold or warm water and set the washing machine to a gentle spin mode. To maintain the shape of a bra, everything needs to be done gently.

6. Before drying, reshape the bra if it contains foam or batting in the cups.

7. Air dry the bra. You can either hang it on the middle section of the bra or lay the bra flat to prevent it from stretching out.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t wash the bra in the washing machine together with heavier clothes like jeans or towels.

2. Don’t dry the bra right under the sun. This will prevent it from fading. Air drying promotes the gentlest way to dry a bra.

3. Never iron a bra! It does not need it.

4. Don’t squeeze the bra recklessly when you hand wash it. It can result to an ill shaped bra or its underwire.

5. Don’t stuff it in the drawer in a way that it may lose its shape.

6. Don’t bleach bras. It can degrade the spandex – the common material in bras.

These tips will help you figure out the best way to handle your bras and keep them in their most comfortable shape. There is a reason why you buy a comfortable bra. And this should be a reason enough to keep them longer with you.

Breathable Sports Bra for Pilates Class

First-time female Pilates performers often get confused of what to wear in their Pilates class. The answer is simple: wear something comfortable with body-hugging absorbent material that allows you and your skin to breathe better. Breathable sports bra sounds like the perfect candidate for this.



As with any other type of sports outfits, comfort is key in Pilates. Without comfort, one will be too busy worrying about their outfit than concentrating on their Pilates disciplines. Too tight top makes it hard to breathe while too baggy one gives a possible embarrassing moment when doing an upside-down pose. The latter can also get in the way in some of the movements in Pilates. So pick something that fits to the body without being too tight. A sports bra is good for that.

But not ANY sports bra qualifies to be an ideal wear for Pilates. Although it is a low impact type of sport, people do sweat when practicing it. The longer the sweat lingers on your skin, the more uncomfortable it will make you. Furthermore, if you are one of those who perspires extensively, this moisture will build up inside your bra cup and create a collection of sweat that – if not dried quickly – can lead to annoying rashes and breast acnes. Therefore, make sure your sports bra is breathable. A breathable sports bra is made of moisture-wicking fabric and has patented ventilated pads that allow better in-and-out air circulation. In result, it dries perspiration more quickly than the normal bra pads.


Another aspect to bear in mind when choosing garments for Pilates is support. Although Pilates does not encourage harsh movements that make breasts bounce and swing, the breasts still need better support as movements will be directional. A sports bra gives more confidence to the wearer because it keeps the breasts in place.


Although most of the time wearing breathable sports bra for your top alone is enough, some Pilates studios are cooler in temperature. Always take with you a light sweater to your class. When you feel it is too cool for your body and it makes you uncomfortable, throw it on top of your sports bra in the beginning of the session. As soon you feel your blood flowing, you will feel warmer and you can take off the sweater.

Remember, one of the principles behind Pilates is concentration and control.  When you are too busy worrying about your clothes, this discipline cannot be performed well as you will not be able to concentrate on your body as you should, leave alone control it. So wearing a breathable sports bra as your top is a logical solution to make sure that your mind is free from any worries.

Breeze Comfort’s sports bras offer comfort in all sense: breathability, support and look. Why don’t you check it out now to see if this fits you as well as many others?

The Effect of Breathable Bra on Breast Acne

Perforated bra helps women stay dry.

Breast acne is a very common condition amongst women. The causes vary from ingrown hair on the chest, hormonal change, drug application, to excessive sweating and exposure to polluted air. There are many remedies to breast acne, one of which is to wear a breathable bra that enables air circulation to the breast area.

Breathable bras help the skin on a women’s chest breathe more easily. Padded bras made of moisture-wicking fabric and perforated pads can  aids the evaporation of sweat more quickly. This will reduce the moisture built up in the bra cups and consequently reduce the sweat exposure on the skin. Keeping the breast area dryer can reduce the risk of developing breast acne.

Moisture-wicking fabric on traditional padded bras and sports bras does little to reduce sweat or moisture produced by the body. More often than not, the breathable material alone is not enough because the bra pads sits between the fabric and the skin, so the moisture has to go through the bra pads also. The traditional bra pads are made with man made material that does not all air passage.  They will act like a sponge to absorb sweat and moisture from the body.  This is known as the “sponge effect”

Pick a bra that has a perforation system on the bra pads will significantly increase the air passage to the breast area.  The perforations let the skin breathe.  Increased air circulation to the breast area reduces the chance for breast acne development.

Some other ways to prevent the breast acne to come are to exfoliate your chest area regularly, use antibacterial soap especially on the area below the breasts, bathe with lukewarm water to de-clog the pores when you get sweaty, and take Vitamin A (to help strengthen the skin tissue and rid the harmful toxins) and Vitamin E (to help repair damaged cells).

Also when you need to exercise, and prefers the support and look of encapsulation sports bras, make sure to choose sports bras that have the same perforated bra pads. The existence of perforations on the pads is extremely important to achieve the most comfortable wearing experience during exercise.